Windy Blossoms
Tree Mushroom
Temple Fire
Till Death Do Us Part
Beau Soir

“Beau Soir” by Chris Rayn, 2012

At the height of autumn, in the early evening the waning sun bounces off light from the exploding autumn colors onto the clear waters of a forest lake, a spectacle to be enjoyed only a few minutes until sunset, colors dieing down for the day. In few days, the beauty of autumn colors itself will vanish too, with leaves dieing and nature only to be reborn in the coming year.

Project: Floating World

The second part of Chris Rayn's Nature of Reality cycle is an exploration of the mirror world on flowing bodies of water, fleeting images of our subjective perception frozen in time perpetually through the camera, resembling Impressionist paintings but captured from the Canvas of Nature itself in the split second they existed. (Read More)