Unknown Hero
Making Fire
Rising Jewel
Pagoda Building
Caught in a Maze
Still Life
The Iron Man
Down Olympus
Making Both Ends Meet
Shackles of Existence
Boy in the Machine
Mortal Coil
End of Days
Ghost House
Night Light

“Ghost House” by Chris Rayn, 2013

Giant steel beams are looming from the dark, illuminated by erratically flickering lights of welders turning night into day with machine-like 24 hour shifts, working relentlessly on this new pyramid. The overbright welding sparks in this empty, unfinished construction turn the workers themselves into ghost-like specters emerging from darkness.

Project: Unknown Hero

Featuring tiny workers striving to stand out amidst and stand up against giant techno-panoramas and machine worlds, "Unknown Hero" is exploring the existential struggle of the individual within the Kafkaesque machinery of society in the past, present and future. (Read More)