Unknown Hero
Making Fire
Rising Jewel
Pagoda Building
Caught in a Maze
Still Life
The Iron Man
Down Olympus
Making Both Ends Meet
Shackles of Existence
Boy in the Machine
Mortal Coil
End of Days
Ghost House
Night Light

“Placeholder” by Chris Rayn, 2015

A construction worker, visible as a mere shadow and grasping fingers almost jammed in the window gap, is installing a large window pane for one of the many mushrooming luxury stores in rising China, putting the finishing touches on this new building. In constructing the modern consumer society we know, workers are just a cog in the big machine, holding the mechanism in place that keeps it running, but assuming an uncomfortable, self-denying position in the process.

Project: Unknown Hero

Featuring tiny workers striving to stand out amidst and stand up against giant techno-panoramas and machine worlds, "Unknown Hero" is exploring the existential struggle of the individual within the Kafkaesque machinery of society in the past, present and future. (Read More)