Smog Peaks
Build Up
Promenade of Shadows
Sea of Smog
Crescent Sun
Metal Mountains in Shrouds of Mist

“Promenade of Shadows” by Chris Rayn, 2015

People are seen promenading at Shanghai's East Riverside, being reduced to mere shadows on a day of heavy air pollution in winter. The buildings of the famous Bund they are seeing on the other side of the river are retreating into the smog, merging with ships on the river into an inscrutinable poisonous haze.

Project: Poisonous Beauty

Portraying the most poignant years of China's air pollution "airpocalypse", "Poisonous Beauty" shows images not unlike dystopian science fiction from the distant future, a symbol not just for the price of economic development at all costs, but humans' tenuous relationship with nature in the age of climate change. (Read More)