Smog Peaks
Build Up
Promenade of Shadows
Sea of Smog
Crescent Sun
Metal Mountains in Shrouds of Mist

"Sea of Smog" © 2015 Chris Rayn

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“Sea of Smog” by Chris Rayn, 2015

A lone ship is steering down the Huangpu river in central Shanghai, seemingly heading into a great nothingness, as towering buildings and the historic Bund skyline have become nearly invisible from thick smog. As the urban environment and all traces of human civilization subside to air pollution at hazardous levels, the smog itself turns into a great, man-made sea we are roaming aimlessly, having lost direction and connection with our nature.

Project: Poisonous Beauty

Portraying the most poignant years of China's air pollution "airpocalypse", "Poisonous Beauty" shows images not unlike dystopian science fiction from the distant future, a symbol not just for the price of economic development at all costs, but humans' tenuous relationship with nature in the age of climate change. (Read More)

The Artist

Shanghai-based artist Chris Rayn explores urban transformation, the perennial change of nature and existential questions of the individual in one of the world's fastest-moving metropolises. While drawing from the canvas of nature in authentic motives, his visual language is renowned for meticulous compositions, deep contrasts and rich colors.