Smog Peaks
Build Up
Promenade of Shadows
Sea of Smog
Crescent Sun
Metal Mountains in Shrouds of Mist

“Sightseeing” by Chris Rayn, 2015

As a construction worker on a newly decked out building looks on from the opposite side of the river, Shanghai's historical Bund skyline is overtowered by a dome of toxic air pollution. Smog has become the premier "sight" of polluted cities, but settling with it is not an option - the pollution is crushing our planet, and ourselves.

Project: Poisonous Beauty

Portraying the most poignant years of China's air pollution "airpocalypse", "Poisonous Beauty" shows images not unlike dystopian science fiction from the distant future, a symbol not just for the price of economic development at all costs, but humans' tenuous relationship with nature in the age of climate change. (Read More)