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“Sweet Grapes” by Chris Rayn, 2011

A boy and his father return home with their grape harvest on a donkey cart during the Grape Festival in Turpan - a former Silk Road oasis renowned for the sweetness of its grapes.

Behind the Picture

"Sweet Grapes" is a family portrait during grape harvest in a great wine region of China, a trading center of the former Silk Road for millennia already. The wine growing families of West China are not rich and live simple lives in this dusty and hot desert region, yet they put their full dedication and love into growing grapes, making their "fruits of labor" renowned for their sweetness. It is this universal theme throughout the world - the love of family and the love for grapes - that I depict in this work, with both the sweet grapes glowing in the sun and the hearty smile of the boy contrasting with the barren surroundings of the scene.

Project: Silk Road Memories

The vibrants works of the "Silk Road Memories" project from the mid 2000s tell about Silk Road traditions and associations living on even today in the "Wild West" of China, but they also hint on change in this region in the age of globalisation. (Read More)