Silk Road Rising
High above the Heavens
Caravan Holidays
Sun Down
Desert ride
Back Light
Shadow Play
Fire Pot
Night Feast
Sweet Grapes
Cotton Harvest
Flaming Red
Stone and Dust
Wind of Change
New Town
Silk Queen
Boish Boish
Sunday Market
The Offer
Little Princess
Father and Son
Street Play
Living Lifelessness
Golden Pasture
Reflections of Solitude
The Road Home

“Wind of Change” by Chris Rayn, 2006

During the drive along the Northern Silk Road, at the edge of the vast Taklamakan desert, surprisingly many wind farms come into view. Of course, in light of the size of the available unused land and the free availability of wind and sun, wind power and other resuable energy sources belong to the future economic pillars of Xinjiang.

Project: Silk Road Memories

The vibrants works of the "Silk Road Memories" project from the mid 2000s tell about Silk Road traditions and associations living on even today in the "Wild West" of China, but they also hint on change in this region in the age of globalisation. (Read More)