1. General

1.1 These terms of use apply to chrisrayn.com & inspirits.net and their content in all languages (hereafter “website”), created by Chris Rayn (hereafter “author”). The use of the website by its visitors (hereafter “users”) is only allowed on the basis of these terms.

1.2 These terms of use can be extended, modified or replaced by further terms as defined by laws or this website.

1.3 By accessing this website, the user agrees to adhere to these terms of use.

1.4 These terms may be changed at any time and without further notice. The current version can be viewed by the user at http://www.chrisrayn.net/terms.

2. Services

2.1 On this website, the author offers texts, pictures and other content for viewing.

2.2 Users may register on the website to gain access to extended, access-restricted services.

2.3 The author may modify, extend or limit the offered services and content at any time for unregistered and registered users.

2.4 The author may temporarily or permanently cease operation of this website at any time. The author is not obligated to provide its services without interruptions.

2.5 Using the website is free of charge. The author may offer existing or new services as paid services in the future. The user will not be charged for such services unless explicit consent is given.

3. Obligations

3.1 The user may not violate any laws when accessing and using this website.

3.2 The user may not attempt to damage this website, enter restricted sections, or access not freely available data. Registered users may not hand out their login information to third parties or grant third parties access to access-restricted services.

3.3 When using this website and its content, the user will adhere to general copyright laws and the hereafter listed rights of use for content (section 5).

3.4 For all content the user submits to the website – especially for the purpose of publication – (e.g., comments), he grants the author a simple right of use to save, copy and partially or completely publish the content for the purpose of providing the services of the website. The author however does not guarantee that any content submitted by the user will be published on the website or remain published permanently.

3.5 The user will not submit content that violates any laws or is abusive. Such material includes content that is

– defamatory, pornographic or otherwise offensive

– protected by copyright or generally violating the rights of third parties

– threatening, insulting or libeling other people

– advertising products/services or generally having commercial purposes (“spam”)

– severely mismatching the context of the page it is published on (“off-topic”).

4. Sanctions

4.1. The author reserves the right to remove user content from the website at any time without announcement, especially in case of violation of section 3. Compensation claims and other advanced measures are unaffected.

4.2 The user is obliged to provide full compensation for damages resulting from abusive or illegal usage. This includes the necessary costs of fending off claims and other demands of third parties as well as the cost of legal action (e.g. for employing a lawyer).

4.3 In case of violation of these terms, the author reserves the right to

– block registered user’s access to access-restricted services temporarily or permanently, or revoking his registration and deleting all associated data (cf. section 8)

– block the general access to the website for the user

– take further legal measures in case of violations of laws

without further announcement.

5. Copyright and rights of use for content

5.1 The author is the sole creator and copyright owner of all content of this website – including but not limited to texts, photos and graphics – unless they are attributed otherwise. This content is protected by domestic and international copyright. Unless specified otherwise, all content of this website may only be used, modified, distributed or appropriated with the explicit written permission of the author.

5.2 Any use of the pictures presented on this website other than viewing, including but not limited to upload, hotlinking and framing on websites, apps and social networks, its commercial use, modification and appropriation for personal or commercial projects, requires the explicit written permission of the author. The permission defines the scope and individual conditions of use for the user and is not necessarily associated with charges. Permission can be requested on the contact page.

5.3 The user may share pictures and picture links on social networks through the share buttons included on this website, or embed previews using the provided code snippets. These may contain a thumbnail or special web version of the picture which is free to share on social networks for non-commercial purposes, with full attribution, but without any modifications. Any other use of the web version requires the explicit written permission of the author. Sharing any other version of the pictures is not permitted.

5.4 The user may download a web version of pictures (450×300 pixels), or hotlink to it, free of charge through the download buttons/links provided directly on this website. This web version is authorized for unmodified online use with full attribution (artist, website, link) and may not be printed or sold. Any other use of this version, or use of any other version of the pictures on this website, requires the explicit written permission of the author.

6. Liability

6.1 The author does not guarantee that any information on this website is correct or current, and is not liable for mistakes and defects on the website.

6.2 The author is not liable for any damages sustained from using this website, unless required so by applicable laws.

6.3. The author is not liable for any user-provided content that is published on the website. The authorship of this content, and legal liability, remains with the user who submitted it.

7. Privacy

7.1 Personal data of the user required for the use of this website are obtained and processed by the website according to applicable privacy laws.

7.2 Data provided by the user on a voluntary basis, e.g. email addresses for registration, are solely used for the operation and provision of services of the website; they will not be passed on to third parties. By transmitting this data, the user agrees to these terms of use for it, which he may revoke at any time with future effect (section 8).

7.3 The website uses cookies (text data associated with the website) in the user’s browser only to facilitate the services of the website, including granting access to restricted services for registered users and providing a personalized experience of content.

7.4 The author informs the user that for financing the free services, advertisement may appear on the website. To enable ad serving on the website, third parties may read and write cookies in the user’s browser, or make use of web beacons.

7.5 To ensure the optimum provision of services, the website makes use of the web analysis of Google Analytics which allows the anonymized evaluation of usage data based on cookies. This data is only used for the purpose of this web analysis and not shared with other services or third parties. The user may opt out of any use of data by Google Analytics by installing a browser plugin available here: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

7.6 The user may prevent the use of any cookies by the website or third parties on the website by configuring his browser accordingly. In that case, the author cannot guarantee that the website and its services will work completely.

8. Termination

8.1 The user may terminate the usage aggreement at any time without giving reasons. The request for termination should be submitted in written via contact page or the author’s email address. The user has to provide the email address he used for registration. After confirming the termination, the author will revoke the user’s access to restricted services and delete all data associated with the user on the website within seven days.

8.2 The author reserves the right to likewise terminate the usage agreement with the user at any time, especially in case of violation of section 3. In this case, all data of the user on the website will also be deleted. In case of violation of laws, the right to use it for further legal measures remains unaffected (section 4).

9. Applicability

9.1 If parts of these terms are or become invalid / incomplete, the validity of all other parts shall not be compromised.

Valid as per January 1, 2013