A Journey Through Time: About the Project

China is one of the big topics of our time. The Middle Kingdom is waking up, once again connecting with the world. More and more people in the West turn eastward, discover an ancient culture redefining itself in sometimes radical ways, and are surprised. China has become one of the world's most dynamic societies. After centuries of a rule of continuity, the Chinese people are experiencing a tremendous transformation of their world which is happening not without friction at times. Yet despite living in a time where change is the only constant, many Chinese look into the future with a steadfast optimism.

This exhibition takes you on a visual time travel through this China caught between tradition and modernity, gets you in touch with the people and lets you experience their proud culture and history, reawakening religiousness, old living culture, the difficult time of change and finally the new challenges of the 21st century. Let China's colors and contrasts surprise you!